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the first certification system for the ownership of movable property

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The CBBS system is able to certify with the blockchain technology the originality of a product put in view by a company, registered in a unique way within the program.

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The CBBS blockchain certifies the transfer of ownership of a product or object by certifying it in a univocal way. Publicly by the possibility, through the web or app, to search for the linked code, generating a certificate of ownership and a view of the relative steps.

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The CBBS system is able, in the first generation stage of the certificate on the product, to connect the entire supply chain of companies supplying the production materials, giving the final user a way to verify the provenance and reliability of the product.

Our mission

Against the cloning, the receiving, the traceability of a stolen property and the certainty of the provenance of the good

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certificate issued by the manufacturer and sold to a dealer

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Scan with the app

every customer with the app can verify the origin and the originality of the product

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Change of ownership

after the purchase the seller performs the transfer of ownership of the object

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Certificate of ownership updated

From now on the good is the property of the purchaser.